No matter what your style is, there is a bridesmaid dress on that is perfect for your wedding party. Essentially, you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and love the dress as well. But finding the right bridesmaid dress can often be difficult, especially if you’re not exactly sure what you are looking for. We’ve put together simple guide to help you find the right dress.

Perfect Complements
The first step is to decide what type of dress best complements the wedding theme, bride’s wedding gown, wedding venue, and other aspects of the big day. For instance, if the bride is wearing a princess style gown, then the bridesmaid dresses should be more formal. A casual, outdoor beach wedding may call for a higher hemline for the bridesmaid dresses. The flowers, what the groomsmen are wearing, and time the wedding takes place can all influence the color and style of the dress. There is a no set guideline for which bridesmaid dresses are appropriate and which are not, but it’s important to have a general feel of what you want in mind.

Team Bride
It’s important to consider the opinions of every individual bridesmaid. The bridesmaid’s body type, skin tone, and height are some of the things that you may want to consider when choosing the right bridesmaid dress. What the bride is looking for may not always go hand-in-hand with what the bridesmaid wants. Ultimately, it’s the bridesmaid who has to wear the dress on the big day so her opinion really matters. Don’t pressure a friend into wearing something that she’s not comfortable with because the dress should accentuate the bridesmaid’s natural beauty so that she feels radiant as well.

Select, Save & Share
Now that you’ve had a chance to narrow down your search, start saving the dresses that you like. If you find a dress you like while browsing through our bridesmaid dresses, put them in your Wish List. Try to wait a few days before placing your order because your opinion may change, which is fine. Share your Wish List to your bridal party, your mom, and future mother-in-law to see what they think. If everyone is happy, then put in the order and wait for your custom bridesmaid dresses to arrive!

Wear to Love
It’s time to try on the dress and make any alterations if you don’t think the bridesmaid dress is perfect. Make sure the bridesmaid feels comfortable walking and dancing in the dress. Take a couple of photos and see if you like how they look on camera. If you’re satisfied, then there’s only waiting for the big day to unveil them!

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