How to buy the right bridesmaid dresses


As a woman,a wedding is the most important moment of your life.Therefore,it's improtant for you to plan and prepare carefully.Here are my tips for you.

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First,choose bridesmaid dresses correctly.You should make sure the bridesmaid dresses are in line with your bridal dress and wedding style.If your bridesmaid is pregnant,you could selet a fashionable maternity dress esjecially for her.Also,the bridesmaid dresses should fit the location of the wedding.for example,if your wedding will be held at the beach,light dresses are prefect.Meanwhile,you should put the complexion of the bridesmaids into consideration.

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Sometimes,bridesmaids should pay the dresses by themselves.Bridesmaid dresses are not long enough for the bride and the dress should be different during the day.And bridesmaids should choose their own shoes and jewelry.

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Second,choose your bridesmaids wisely.Control the number of bridesmaids,and take into account the dress and wedding colsts of the bridesmaid.Proriitize your sister or sister-in-law as a bridesmaid.

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Third,research should be done before choosing a wedding dress.You can collect information about wedding dresses for various aspects like bridal store,magazine,TV show and online shop.It's important for you to be familiar with your body and then you can find the design that swits you best.The price is very important things to compare.Online shop will be good choice for you.How to buy better bridesmaid dresses at a relatively low price? I think I can help you.

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I am a professional designer and tailor with years of experience and a college degree in the field of design. My passion is designing and making dresses. So, after I graduated from the university, I fulfilled my joy for tailoring in a small company making bridesmaids' dresses. It was a wonderful experience and I worked very hard. I happily spent over 14 years working and learning lots of things about formal dresses at that company. Then, I open a shop online to expand my customer base so that my designs and dresses could be enjoyed by more people around the world. I've been happily stitching away and making dreams come true ever since!

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We have been making and selling dresses for about 5 years at ETSY and We are always honest and stick to the policy.My shop(Harsuccthing) have made 14000 sales and get over 2000 reviews,and My shop evaluation is five stars.But I don't know why my shop does not meet Etsy's seller policies.My ETSY shop was suspended.So I started running this website

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I am focus on providing quality and cheap bridesmaid dresses, and let guests satisfied!

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